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United WE READ’s Two School District Partners Are Achieving Great Results!

This week brought significant milestone announcements for both Kingsport City Schools and Sullivan County Department of Education.

United WE READ supports our educators in their daily work to achieve literacy growth for ALL students. So when the official results return and that growth is clearly showcased, we love to highlight their great, ongoing work.

This past spring, we featured the historic gains that Sullivan County Schools have made through their long-range strategy and adoption of the Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum (CKLA) with Dr. Robin McClellan championing those efforts. (If you missed our summary, read more here).

Just this week, they announced even further reading growth, achieving“a significant decrease in the number of students with “at-risk” levels of reading proficiency, from 37.8% of students in the fall screening to 26% in the spring screening. This means that the district has 456 fewer elementary students with an “at-risk” designation for reading.” – Dr. Robin McClellan for Kingsport Times-News

Then, with the statewide release of the TN Ready results for the 2018-2019 school year, both districts received high recognition and a combined THIRTEEN local schools were designated as Reward Schools — the highest distinction a school can earn in Tennessee. Read their announcements below to learn more!

Sullivan County Department of Education’s Announcement.
Kingsport City School District’s Announcement.

United WE READ offers our sincere congratulations to both districts on their hard-earned accomplishments. We hope this momentum continues to motivate and inspire educators as they move forward into another great school year!

It’s the support from great partners that allow us to move the needle. We are better together!

– Dr. Jeff Moorhouse, Kingsport City Schools superintendent