Happy World Read Aloud Day!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about reading aloud, and today is no exception! 02/01/2019 is #WorldReadAloudDay, and what a perfect time to celebrate! The day was founded by LitWorld, and celebrates literacy as a basic human right–the belief that “everyone in the world should get to read and write”–and is also sponsored by Scholastic.

There are so many fantastic resources available to help your family or school celebrate reading aloud EVERY day, but here are just a few that we rounded up:

More World Read Aloud Day resources by Scholastic!

“Checklist for District Leaders” blog post by LitWorld founder, Pam Allyn

“The Rise of Read-Aloud” report by Scholastic on kid and family reading.

United WE READ’s own printable Read-Aloud questions to help you on your next family read-aloud!

Happy reading aloud! And always remember to Read 20 Minutes Every Day!

Reading Aloud

What books have you discovered from reading aloud as a family? Is there anything new that you’ve learned from reading a book that you might not have picked on your own?
Check out this great blog post from Mary Anne Health for The Journal, where she talks about reading with her two young children.

And remember, by reading just 20 minutes a day, children develop a larger vocabulary, a longer attention span, and better listening skills. Reading is a basic tool for success in school, work, and life.

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Keep Your Brain Active This Winter!


Our friends over at ThinkStretch.com have some fantastic resources to keep students’ brains active during winter! With fun activities, reading logs, STEM & science experiments, and more for every grade level, it’s a sure way to keep the winter boredom blues at bay! Check out their free downloadable packets here!

Read-Aloud Questions

Did you know? It is helpful for readers of ALL ages to read aloud together with an adult! Print out these these questions to use before, during, or after your next read-aloud to enhance the experience and to learn together. #LeadingtoRead

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